Girls Inc. gets a visit from female physicians with UNMC

Aug 21, 2017

Eight female physicians and a second-year medical student from the University of Nebraska Medical Center went to Girls Inc. last week to speak with 40 young women about the exciting career options available in the health care field. 

Dr. Ann Anderson Berry, a neonatologist at UNMC and the organizer of the event, says the staff thought about 30 girls would sign up but it turned out to be closer to 40. 

Berry says the girls were engaged and active so she hopes UNMC will be able to provide this event yearly. 

Denai Fraction, a second-year medical student at UNMC and a former Omaha Girls Club, spoke at the event.

"I just really hope to inspire them to believe in themselves, encourage them that they can do anything that they want to do, that there’s lots of opportunities for people like them who come from this community, there’s lots of ways that they can accomplish their dreams.”

Berry says if UNMC can spark even one girl with this health care career day then they have more than achieved their goal.

The students heard from experts in newborn medicine, allergies, pediatrics, psychiatry, pathology, family medicine, infectious diseases and internal medicine.