Girls, Inc. Omaha Renovates & Expands

Aug 26, 2013

Courtesy of Girls, Inc.

Girls, Inc. of Omaha has plans to renovate, as well as add on to its existing building.

Roberta Wilhelm, Executive Director, says Girls, Inc. is adding a full gym with bleachers, a locker room and a fitness center onto their existing building. 

She says the exercise room will be good for programs such as pilates and yoga. 

Wilhelm says there will also be two new teen center rooms and a media room. 

Additionally, Wilhelm says there will be a major change to their current gym, which also serves as the cafeteria.

"We will also change our stage currently in the cafeteria gym into an education kitchen. So we look at this whole renovation and addition as sort of a health/wellness initiative. We are looking at healthy eating with the education kitchen and opportunities to be physical with the gym and fitness center.”

Wilhelm says Girls, Inc. also plans to have a clinic space where health professionals from the community can give vaccinations and conduct sports physicals, as well as provide other services the girls require. 

The project will cost a total of $15 million. 

To date, Wilhelm says Girls, Inc. has raised $13.5 million.