GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney talks jobs, economy, health care at Omaha rally

May 10, 2012

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney says the Keystone XL pipeline project should be built. 

Romney spoke at a campaign rally Thursday afternoon in Omaha. The rally comes five days before Nebraska’s primary election. During his ten-minute speech to an overflow crowd, Romney talked about jobs, health care, and domestic sources of energy. He says all sources of power should be considered, including the Keystone XL pipeline. 

Romney has the backing of Governor Dave Heineman, who introduced Romney. Heineman says this year’s election comes down to the economy, jobs, and health care. "And President Obama is wrong on every one of those issues. We need someone in the White House who understands the economy, knows how to create jobs, and we know who can do that."

Romney didn’t discuss the issue of same-sex marriage. During a television interview Wednesday, President Obama said he supports same-sex couples’ right to marry. Romney has spoken in opposition to gay marriage.