Governor's Conference Call Praises Charitable Contributions by State Employees

Sep 25, 2012

Last week, Governor Dave Heineman announced that State of Nebraska employees have pledged over $522,000 dollars to the 2012 campaign, which was a 17% increase over last year. 

He said the Nebraska State Employee Charitable Giving Campaign was recognized by the United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County as the #1 campaign for the past three years. 

The Governor said since 2003, the state has raised more than 3.5 million dollars to support more than 400 charitable organizations throughout the state.

"Organizations supported by the campaign include 17 United Way Chapters throughout the state, the community held charities of Nebraska and the Community Services Fund.  These charities provide disaster relief, educational and mentoring programs and offer needed aid to those suffering from chronic illnesses.”

Governor Heineman said the annual campaign is one of many ways the State of Nebraska employees continue to give back to their communities.  The average gift was $129 dollars per employee.