Graffiti Kits Available in South Omaha

Jan 7, 2013

The South Omaha graffiti kits project was launched in partnership with the Neighborhood Center.

The kits provide South Omaha residents with tools to help fight the graffiti problem there. The kits include rubber gloves, graffiti removal wipes, sandpaper, and gray spray paint.

Anyone who is interested may pick up a kit at the South Omaha Branch at no charge.

Gary Wasdin is Executive Director of the Omaha Public Library.

He says the kits are meant to offer individuals or families who encounter small, single instances of graffiti to get rid of it quickly.

"Most of the time we find that graffiti is something that the quicker you get rid of it, the quicker the problem goes away.  Graffiti has a tendency to spread rapidly if left unchecked.”

The graffiti kits are available at the South Omaha Library, 2808 Q Street.

But Wasdin says if you are seeing repeated graffiti in a particular location, you should call the Omaha Police Department’s hotline at 402.444.5555.