Grammy Winner John Legend Speaks at YP Summit

Feb 28, 2013

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty says Grammy winning singer and humanitarian John Legend.

Legend created the Show Me Campaign in 2007 and says the group’s primary focus is on creating better educational opportunities for young people who are often neglected or left behind. 

Legend says superintendents, mayors and chancellors have a lot of control over how a community’s children are educated. 

He says everyone needs to make sure these individuals are putting students’ needs first when they make decisions about education. 

Legend says it’s also important for businesses to get involved.

"It’s important that businesses understand that schools are intrinsically tied to what happens in their community.  They are training their workforce of the future.  They help determine the quality of life of the city where those businesses are located.  And if our schools are not doing a good job, then our community is not going to prosper and flourish in the way that it should.”

Legend was the keynote speaker for today’s Young Professionals Summit at the CenturyLink Center. 

The Show Me Campaign partners with organizations that advocate on the state and national level for education reform. 

Legend says overseas efforts include sponsoring scholarships for girls in Africa so they may obtain secondary schooling.