Grasstowne's Alan Bibey on Great Plains Bluegrass

Alan Bibey, famed member and mandolin player in the bluegrass world, is part of a new group, Grasstowne, that focuses on the foundations of bluegrass music.

Keith's interview with Alan (22:44)

Omaha, NE – Alan Bibey is well known in the bluegrass world for his mandolin playing and his founding of such groups as The New Quicksilver, IIIrd Tyme Out and Blueridge. Once again, he is part of a new group, Grasstowne, which he co-founded with two other stars in the bliegrass world, Phil Leadbetter and Steve Gulley.

Their first release,"The Road Headin' Home", has recently been released and meeting with success and acclaim.

Recently Alan Bibey joined Keith Neisler to talk about the group and his journey in the bluegrass world.