Great Plains Theatre Conference Announces 2013 Playwrights

Mar 28, 2013

  The Great Plains Theatre Conference recently selected plays for the 2013 Conference.

Kevin Lawler, Executive Director of the GPTC, says a total of 550 scripts were submitted this year. 

The winners are selected through a blind reading process. 

Lawler says the GPTC hires a group of national playwrights to review the scripts and give them ratings. 

He says from those ratings, the top scripts are chosen for the conference. 

Lawler says the Great Plains Theatre Conference used to do portions of 60-70 plays but has pared that number down so that attendees may enjoy each script in its entirety.

"So we just made that change and then with incredible local support, we were also able to change it so that we don’t have to charge those playwrights that we bring in a conference fee anymore.  We can bring them in and house them and feed them and give them transportation, the workshops, readings and everything for free.”

The Great Plains Theatre Conference takes place May 25th through June 1st.