Green in the City Competition

Aug 13, 2013

Omaha by Design is holding a national competition called Green in the City.

Landscape artists, public art artists, and teams are encouraged to enter their ideas for the space located at 10th and Pacific Streets.

Connie Spellman is Director of Omaha by Design. She says that area will house the new Blue Barn Theatre, as well as the Box 10 Condo project, a restaurant, and mixed used space.

She says Omaha by Design wants to create a visionary model for Omaha’s open spaces.

Spellman says the space measures 70 by 100 feet.

"We don’t want to be restrictive on what can or can’t be done. We just want to make sure there’s usable space that can be shared by the neighborhood as well as the patrons of the Blue Barn and the people who are going to the restaurant or who live in the condo project.”

The Green in the City competition will be judged by a panel of local and regional art design and landscape experts.

The top finalists will be invited to Omaha.

Spellman says interview presentations will be held early next year.