Green in the City Open House Tonight

Jan 21, 2014

Omaha by Design is holding a national competition called Green in the City.

Landscape artists, public art artists, and teams submitted their ideas for the space located at 10th and Pacific Streets. 

Connie Spellman, Director of Omaha by Design, says the five finalists have been selected. Tonight, everyone is invited to view the proposals, on display at KANEKO from 5:30 through 7:00. 

Spellman says after the finalist is selected, they will work with the architect for the Blue Barn Theatre.

"To make sure there is the connection and working on the contract arrangements to make sure they are ready for the space to be designed appropriately so that it really fits the two projects together.  And then when the Blue Barn is completed, then they will begin the actual implementation of the winner’s design.”

The five finalist teams are DeOld Andersen Architecture, Design with Company, Design Workshop, Dlandstudio and El Dorado, Inc.