Groundbreaking in North Omaha marks the beginning of redevelopment plan

Oct 23, 2012

North Omaha recently launched a $12.2 million revitalization effort.

Michael Maroney, President of the Omaha Economic Development Corporation, says the plan was a two-year community-based process. 

He says the process engaged the community to gain input into how certain parts of North Omaha should be redeveloped. 

Maroney says the plan identified nodes of opportunity. 

He says these specific intersections were targeted for development because they have the potential for the greatest impact on long-term sustainability.  

"What that was designed to do was create the framework and the vision for how these nodes of opportunity could be and should be developed.  One of those areas is the 24th and Lake Corridor.  Basically, we’ve been focusing on that area and we’ve got several things underway right now.”

Maroney says there are two different developments in the works, both around 25th Street, between Blondo and Burdette Streets.  There will be five single family homes in one development. 

He says across the street there will be a 40-unit senior development targeted to those ages 55 and older.