Groups call for investigation in to closure of polling places in Douglas County

Apr 4, 2012

Two groups are calling for an investigation in to the Douglas County Election Commissioner’s office over the closing of polling places.

Nebraska’s primary election is May 15th. Nebraskans for Civic Reform and Nebraska Appleseed want Secretary of State John Gale’s office to investigate the closure of some polling places in Douglas County.

Election Commissioner Dave Phipps says voters have 185 polling places now instead of 364, due to redistricting. He says his office has sent cards notifying voters of the new polling place locations.

But Adam Morfield of Nebraskans for Civic Reform says Phipps has the discretion to draw the new precincts according to the number of people who voted in the last primary or general election. And Morfield says the decision discriminates against low-income and minority voters.

Phipps says he followed the law and believes the groups are trying to make the issue a partisan one.  Morfield denies the request for an investigation is politically motivated.

Morfield says his group and Nebraska Appleseed hope the investigation leads to a review of Election Commission practices and more accountability.