Gubernatorial Candidate Begins Road Trip

Sep 12, 2013

Gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook will visit eight eastern Nebraska cities today and tomorrow.

Hassebrook's eight-city tour begins today in Stanton and ends tomorrow evening in Omaha. 

Hassebrook's campaign has focused on a "One Nebraska" messages -- the need for the state and its residents to invest in Nebraska's future.  And he says that begins with expanding early childhood education to include 3-year olds.

"Today in Nebraska, we have too many kids who start kindergarten so far behind that the odds are against them ever catching up.  And every Nebraskan has a stake in fixing that, because these are Nebraska kids.  And if they don't succeed, our state doesn't succeed.  Instead of contributing to our state's success, they often times become detractors from that success through crime and other means."

Hassebrook says he also supports the expansion of job-training programs so more Nebraskans are qualified for well-paying jobs. 

Hassebrook is one of eight candidates running for Nebraska governor.