Hal Daub considering another run for Omaha Mayor

Omaha, NE – Former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub could be ready to seek that office again. Daub confirmed Thursday that he's formed an Exploratory Committee, a first step toward another mayoral run.

Daub served two terms as Mayor before Mike Fahey was elected in 2001. During Daub's tenure, Qwest Center Omaha became a reality. He now serves on the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority Board, which manages the Qwest Center.

Daub says Omaha needs a five to ten year strategic plan that addresses financial management in tough economic times. He says that will determine how services such as health care, maintenance and public safety are paid for. Daub says the city is facing significant financial pressures over the next few years.

Daub isn't talking a lot yet about his campaign, saying it'll kick in to high gear after the November general election. But Daub says he and his wife plan to walk Omaha's neighborhoods this summer, evaluate facilities and parks, and talk with Omahans.

A spokesman for Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey said Thursday that Fahey is considering running for a third term as Mayor.