Harkin: U.S. should be a safe place for immigrant children

Jul 17, 2014

U.S. Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa says his state should be a safe place for children entering the country illegally.

A Pew Research Center study conducted last week found that 53 percent of Americans believe the process of handling the children should be sped up. The study also found that 28 percent approve of how President Obama is handling the situation.

Harkin says the children should be safe and have their needs met in the U.S. He says the children are escaping rape, drugs, and violence in their home countries. 

Harkin says he’s upset at the “harshness” surrounding the immigration issue, and criticized Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s recent comments that the Governor doesn’t want immigrant children sent to the state.

His comments came Thursday during Senator Harkin’s weekly conference call with media.