Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Omaha, NE – Halloween is this weekend. And that means kids will be out in the neighborhoods trick-or-treating.

Douglas County Health Department spokesman Phil Rooney says there are many ways to keep children safe. He says one of the big concerns is making sure kids are visible as they walk through the neighborhoods. Rooney says, "We want to make sure the children wear something on their costume that allows them to be seen. We're also concerned about children making sure that they are looking out for the problems or the potential dangers around them so if they could carry a flashlight with them, that's a real good thing as well."

Rooney says parents should always check kids' candy before they eat it. He says, "Look it over and make sure it hasn't been tampered with. Those incidences are few and far between but we just want to make sure that the candy is in good shape. If you see anything the least bit suspicious please dispose of the candy, you know, when in doubt, throw it out."

Additonally, he advises that parents should always supervise when kids are carving pumpkins to avoid injury and that kids should never enter a house to get candy.