Health care costs, choices dominate public forum

Omaha, NE – Nebraska Congressman Lee Terry says a new approach might be needed in order for health care reform to pass.

Terry held a public meeting Saturday in Bellevue. Last week, Montana Senator Max Baucus, a Democrat, introduced a health care reform bill. Terry, a Republican, says he believes that bill doesn't have much support. Terry, a Republican, says Congress should either start over on health care reform, or pass what's already agreed on.

Terry also says he's disappointed with President Obama's decision regarding the missile defense program planned in Europe. President Bush wanted a shield in Poland and the Czech Republic to protect against long-range missiles. Last week, President Obama decided to end that program in favor of one placing interceptor missiles and radar on land, at sea and in the air. Terry believes that decision was made unilaterally and without regard for the nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea.