Health Department says visitor to Omaha had measles

Omaha, NE – Douglas County Health Department officials are urging anyone who hasn't had a vaccination against measles to get one.

That's after a recent visitor to Omaha was diagnosed with measles. The highly contagious illness is spread through the air by coughing, breathing or sneezing. Officials say the infected person visited the Henry Doorly Zoo's new Madagascar exhibit last Friday. They also visited a Hy-Vee grocery store at 156th and Maple and Saint Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church that day. The infected person also visited a Target store at 132nd and Maple last Thursday and Saturday evenings.

Health Department officials say anyone who was at those locations at the same time and shows symptoms of measles should call their doctor right away. Symptoms include white spots in the mouth and a reddish-brown rash that starts on the face. Complications such as pneumonia develop from about 30 percent of measles cases. The Health Department says anyone exposed to measles at one of those locations could develop symptoms as soon as today.