Health Department, VNA open five swine flu vaccination clinics

Omaha, NE – The Douglas County Health Department is working with the Visiting Nurse Association to offer the community free H1N1 vaccinations. Five clinics are now open at different times throughout the week where people can walk in and get their free H1N1 vaccination.

Douglas County Health Department Resource Specialist Phil Rooney says this is the time of the year when the heart of the flu season may be getting underway. Though there has been little activity at this point, Rooney says the flu could always come back with a vengeance so it's a good idea to get the vaccination. He says the H1N1 vaccination is the best protection you can possibly get against the flu.

Rooney also says the free H1N1 clinics are a great opportunity to make sure kids, ages 9 and under, get their second dose of the vaccine. Right now there is no end date set for these clinics.

Locations include the Douglas County Health Department WIC clinic at 42nd Street and Center, the Charles Drew Health Center in North Omaha and One World Community Health Center in South Omaha. For a complete list of hours and sites, you can log on to and click on the H1N1 button.