The Hidden Gems in Omaha

Dec 24, 2012

The idea behind Omaha by Design’s Hidden Gems list came about over the last couple of years.  

Larry Jacobsen, Vice President with The Schemmer Associates, says there are so many great places in the city that most people have no awareness of that Omaha by Design facilitators decided to create a list. 

He says in about 90 minutes, the group had come up with over 40 locations.  Jacobsen says it was difficult to narrow the list down to nine, but they did. 

He says the public is now being invited to select the tenth hidden gem.   Jacobsen says Omaha by Design hopes the list will encourage improvements to some of these spaces.

“A number of these gems really need a little polishing.  And there are opportunities for neighborhood involvement and participation in revitalizing a number of these spaces.  I think there’s definite community benefit to be had by the awareness of these different sites and what might ultimately be developed there.”

Hidden gems on the list include The Lincoln Highway, Elmwood Park Grotto and Leavenworth Community Garden. 

Individuals can cast votes for their favorite hidden gems by calling Omaha by Design at 402- 554-4010. 

The deadline to vote is December 28th.