Huskers softball team to play Saturday against Florida

May 31, 2013

At the Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City, the 14th-seeded Huskers will try to stay alive in the tournament with an 11 a.m. Saturday game against Florida.

Washington continues to be a nemesis for the Huskers at the Women’s College World Series.  In three games, the Huskers have yet to beat Washington at the Women’s College World Series.

The latest was yesterday’s heart-breaking eight-inning loss to the Huskies, 4-3.  Kimberlee Souza homered to end the game. Against Washington, the Huskers twice allowed a lead to get away.  Tomorrow’s elimination game is against second-seeded Florida.  And Huskers coach Rhonda Revelle knows her team could ill-afford any more mistakes.

“It’s not like you’re facing chump change out here.  This is the time you’re executing a bunt, moving a runner, taking an extra base, scoring on a passed ball.  I mean this is what this part of the season is all about because we’re down to the final eight.”

The outcome of the Huskers game tomorrow will eliminate the losing team from the tournament.  Florida and Nebraska haven’t played each other since the 2011 season.