IA Governor Streamlines Restoration of Voting Rights Application

Feb 18, 2013

Iowa governor Terry Branstad has streamlined the restoration of voting rights application.

Tim Albrecht, from the governor’s office, says when the governor enacted the policy for felons, his first thought was for the victims. 

Governor Branstad wanted to make sure those who wanted to get their voting rights back had paid their debt to society out of respect for those victims. 

After hearing from constituents that the application was a bit confusing, the governor took proactive measures to revise it. 

Albrecht says the updated application includes simplified instructions and provides contact information so applicants may obtain free resources to help them fill out the application.

"The application also removes the requirement for a credit history check for the voting application.  That proved to be a little burdensome for those who had repaid their debt to society.  And provides a more detailed checklist of materials to help applicants turn in a completed application.”

The application is available online.