From idea to business plan: Omaha's third Startup Weekend begins Friday

Omaha, NE – Omaha hosts its third Startup Weekend event this Friday through Sunday. During the three day event, business startups move from idea to plan. Aspiring entrepreneurs pitch ideas the first day.

Corey Spitzer, one of the organizers of Startup Weekend Omaha, says the next two days are spent turning some of those ideas in to possible businesses. "Groups form around the best ideas, and each group has the next 54 hours to turn that idea in to a real business and launch it by Sunday night. Sunday night, each startup has between five and ten minutes to present what they've accomplished over the weekend to a panel of judges and potential investors."

Spitzer says the city's entrepreneurship community has grown over the past few years. "People are realizing that hey, I'm not alone, there are people like me, and so we have events like Big Omaha, Omaha Creative Week, Omaha Fashion Week, all these things where people who are driven and have that passion are getting together and discussing ideas and showing off what they've done."

More information about Startup Weekend is available at Startup Weekend Omaha will be held at UNO's Mammel Hall.