Inaugural 21st Century Education Lecture to Feature Global Expert Charles Fadel

Omaha, NE – Brownell-Talbot Preparatory School is the site of the 21st Century Education Lecture next Tuesday, February 1st.

The lecture begins at 6:30 p.m. and features Global Expert Charles Fadel. He will focus his talk on the importance of teaching students skills as well as knowledge. Fadel says being at the peak of performance means knowing how to apply knowledge through what he calls "the four c's," creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. He says he just wants everyone to have a fair chance and know what they are facing. According to Fadel, "globalization has its advantages but certainly its challenges and I think a lot of people are unprepared to face the challenges. We will end up seeing a lot of dislocations and disruptions unless we try to adapt to the change that's coming, that's already upon us. And the pain might be very severe if we don't."

Tickets for the 21st Century Education Lecture are available online at Fadel's book, "21st Century Skills Learning for Life in our Times," is available online and in bookstores.