Input needed on Council Bluffs Mid-City Design project

Jul 9, 2014

The city of Council Bluffs wants public input on a neighborhood revitalization effort.

Council Bluffs received an EPA brownfield planning grant to study the area bordered by Avenue B, 10th Street, 5th Avenue, and 13th Street and Indian Creek. That’s the neighborhood under the Broadway viaduct.

Tina Hochwender, Community Development Project Coordinator for Council Bluffs, says public input is important to the development of the site.

“The consultants are looking at what existing conditions are out there, doing market analysis, what the Indian Creek Channel needs are going to be, what flood issues we may have because some of that area is in the flood plain, looking at what kind of development issues are there, and that’s kind of where the brownfields component comes in because there’s a lot of manufacturing that was in that area at one time.”

Hochwender says the city doesn’t have specific plans for the neighborhood at this point.

A public meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 6 pm at the Council Bluffs Public Library. Consultants could have a report in several months on design alternatives and implementation strategies.