International Walk to School Day Set for October 3rd

Sep 20, 2012

More than 4,000 schools around the world are set to participate in International Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 3rd.

Angela Barry, Safe Routes Nebraska State Coordinator, says on that day, kids are encouraged to walk or ride their bikes instead of being dropped off at school.  She says one of her organization's goals is finding healthier and safer ways for kids to get to school. 

Barry says the goal is to encourage people to choose active transportation and that starts with students.

"Studies have shown that kids who bike or walk to school or have that added exercise before school are more alert and ready to learn when they get to school, not to mention it's great for the environment and it also reduces the traffic around schools so that it's actually safer.  Once we get everyone out of those cars, we have less traffic and it makes it a lot safer for kids to walk or bike."

To register for International Walk to School Day or to access information online about how to plan an event, click here.