An interview with Paul Serrato

Pianomania the latest recording from Omaha native

Omaha, Nebraska – On Thursday's Jazz in the Afternoon Paul Serrato will join host Chris Cooke for an afternoon of music and conversation.

Serrato's latest recording is Pianomania, featuring more of the Latin-tinged jazz that has informed his previous efforts. Joining Pianist Serrato on the record are Bassist Hill Green and Conga player Henry Morales.

Serrato, an Omaha native, is an accomplished pianist and composer. Childhood lessons at the piano kindled a lifelong love affair with the instrument. Serrato has worked and lived in New York for several decades, contributing music to off-Broadway plays as well as leading his own jazz groups.

Serrato's latest record, Pianomania, is his sixth CD under his Graffiti Productions label. Enveloped in Latin beats, Pianomania maintains a solid straight-ahead base with Serrato's fluid compositional style. Pianomania celebrates the influences of Brazil, while embracing the intercultural vibes of Serrato's favorite muse - New York.

Join Chris Cooke for music and conversation with Paul Serrato on Jazz in the Afternoon Thursday on KIOS-FM.