An interview with Paul Serrato

Omaha native is a master of Latin Jazz.

Listen here (21:35)

Omaha, Nebraska – The Omaha native's warmth and passion for Latin Jazz is hard to resist.
Pianist Paul Serrato & Co.'s latest recording, Pianomania, is a fine example of the artistic talent Serrato has honed over decades of work on the New York Jazz scene. Recent recordings have supplied Latin Jazz fans with many gems to enjoy, and the latest effort continues in that direction.
Fans of Paul Serrato are also aware of his inclination towards the Jazz avant-garde, as in evidence on the celestial track "Fantasia" on Pianomania. Serrato has had a long history with the avant-garde, contributing music to off-Broadway plays as well as creating his own forward looking recordings.
He also provided music for the acclaimed documentary by award winning writer/producer/director Craig B. Highberger, Jack Mitchell: My Life is Black and White.
Serrato, a longtime resident of New York, celebrates the urban landscape throughout his recorded work. "New York is my favorite muse", Serrato says.
Paul Serrato's label is Graffiti Productions, and his website is
Recently Paul Serrato visited with Jazz in the Afternoon's Chris Cooke. In a wide-ranging interview, Serrato discussed his career, past & present as well as the Latin Jazz that informs his music. Recording Engineer: Mike Hansen/KIOS. (Photo credit: Mike Hansen)