Iowa's Employment Forecast Rises

Dec 10, 2013

The Iowa Business Council just released its 4th Quarter Overall Economic Outlook Survey Results.

Elliott Smith, Executive Director, says the Council uses three underlying metrics in the survey: sales, capital spending, and employment. 

Smith says both sales and capital spending moved down slightly, but both numbers still remain in positive sentiment territory. 

He says employment moved up for first time in awhile, gaining nine points, which Smith calls a significant move. 

Smith says he thinks this will mean more solid career opportunities in all sized companies next year.

"Employers are typically a little hesitant to bring on new employees if they don’t feel prospects are solid.  They don’t want to hire someone and then let them go right away so the fact this number moved in the manner that it did is some sort of an expression that larger Iowa companies feel the table is set for at least a good start to the next year.”

The complete report is available online at