IRS Omaha Office Opens on Saturday, March 26th to Help Taxpayers

Omaha, NE – On Saturday, March 26th, the IRS' Omaha Office will be open to assist taxpayers.

Spokesperson Christopher Miller says the Omaha Taxpayer Assistance Center will be open to help prepare tax returns for those who make $49,000 a year or less. Also, IRS representatives will be available to help with questions about tax accounts, offer assistance in getting forms and publications, and help with collection issues. Miller says in order to get the best service possible, taxpayers need to bring several things with them to the open house, "bring a photo ID, a valid social security card for you and any dependent that you are working with. Also, those wage and earnings statements like your W-2 or your 1099's. Bring a copy of last year's federal and state return if you have it available and any interest or dividend statements."

Miller says all individuals will be helped on a first-come, first-served basis. The IRS office is located at 1616 Capitol Avenue. For more details, the website is