Islamic Center launches public awareness campaign

Omaha, NE – The Islamic Center of Omaha recently launched a public awareness campaign.

Spokesperson Fa'iz Rab says the ad campaign started in late February. It features billboards on 33rd and Leavenworth Streets and 143rd and Industrial Highway. Rab says a poll conducted in March 2006 by ABC News found that nearly 6 in 10 Americans think the religion of Islam is prone to violent extremism. But the same number admitted they didn't have a basic understanding of Islam.

Rab says the ICO hopes that through the campaign, people will have a better understanding about Islam and Muslims. He says it's important to correct misconceptions people may have and that they have the opportunity to get that information directly from Muslims via 1-800-662-ISLAM.

The Omaha Metro is home to about 5,000 Muslims.