It's National Hunger and Homelessness Week

Omaha, NE – This week is National Hunger and Homelessness Week.

Ken Lyons, President and CEO of NeighborWorks Omaha, says the week is meant to make people aware of the seriousness of these two issues in our community. He says Nebraska has alarming statistics concerning poverty and homelessness.

Lyons says in 2010, Nebraska had more than 215,000 individuals living in poverty. Of those, 38,000 were children. He says single mothers face the highest percentage of food insecurity. But Lyons says there are ways we can help.

"The best thing people can do in their churches, schools and local communities, is collect canned goods and foods for the needy. We have Together, Inc., Open Door Mission, Salvation Army. There's always a need. There are so many people over there that are hungry and need clothes. So, that's probably the best way to make an impact immediately."

The Nebraska Commission on Housing and Homelessness was formed in 1994 and provides services for people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.