Jeff Jenkins/Darryl White Group conclude Jazz Arts Midwest Series

Cique a superb cutting edge jazz band

Chris talks with Darryl (25:14)

Omaha, Nebraska – The adventuresome band of Jeff Jenkins and Darryl White, Cique, concluded the Jazz Arts Midwest Series this weekend.

Cique featured the noted pianist Jeff Jenkins with trumpeter/educator Darryl White, plus Brandon Draper on drums and Bijou Barbosa on electric bass.

The band performed at 7pm Friday and Saturday night at the Auditorium for the Enrichment of Life, located at Longfellow Elementary School, 2011 South 10th Street, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

On Friday night the band presented an energetic, high-octane set of music.

The set was fueled by a passion for the adventuresome late 1960s recordings of Miles Davis and his ensemble of musicians who pioneered fusion jazz.

Original compositions were presented throughout the performance. Many of the tunes played at Friday's show are available on the band's self-titled debut release, available through Capri Records.

Darryl White is a classical trumpet instructor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a seasoned educator/performer. Jazz in the Afternoon host Chris Cooke interviewed him recently. Click on the link at the top of this article to hear that interview. Recording Engineer: Mike Hansen.