JFON changes its name to ILC

Jan 18, 2018

Justice for Our Neighbors recently announced they are changing their name to the Immigrant Legal Center.

Executive Director Emiliano Lerda says though the name has changed, the mission has not. 

The ILC will still continue to focus on providing humanitarian-based immigration legal services and family-based immigration legal services to people that cannot afford to go to a private attorney. 

Lerda says JFON decided to change its name to something that was more descriptive and that makes it easier for their clients and the community to know who they are and what they do.  

In addition to the name change, the Immigrant Legal Center has also moved. 

Lerda says ILC needed a bigger space because the organization has seen significant growth in last few years.

"Moving our office to this building was going to put us in a more central location that is easy to access for our clients that may be in south Omaha as well as those in Benson and north Omaha.  And right at a corner of major intersection of 42nd and Center where there is a lot of public transportation available at both auguries.”

Lerda says the move makes ILC more readily available to the entire city.  For more information, the website is