Jobs, health care, economic growth among topics at Senate debate

Sep 28, 2012

The candidates for Nebraska’s open U.S. Senate seat have very different ideas on how to grow the economy and create jobs.

Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer participated Friday in their second debate, sponsored by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and KETV. Fischer, a Republican, is a State Senator from Valentine and a rancher. She says changes to the tax code and fewer regulations are needed to grow jobs.  “We need to back government away from small businesses, we need to have government reduce those regulations that are such a burden on our businesses, so that they can create jobs. We need to reform the tax code. We need to reduce energy costs.”

Democratic candidate Kerrey, a former Nebraska Governor and U.S. Senator, says no economic growth can happen until Congress reforms itself and works together. “Money is corrupting our agenda and making it difficult to balance our budget, making it difficult to change our tax code, making it difficult to get a farm bill and things that used to be relatively easy when I was in the Senate. Congress has become way too partisan and it’s become way too difficult, as a consequence, to do the things that the people themselves want to have done.”

The candidates also discussed the Affordable Care Act. Kerrey says he’d support some changes to the law, but says it benefits Nebraskans because it creates a marketplace.  Fischer wants the Affordable Care Act repealed, with changes made to individual programs.

Kerrey and Fischer are vying for the Senate seat currently held by Ben Nelson.