Johanns: Senate must begin work on a new farm bill

Jan 4, 2013

The fiscal cliff deal approved earlier this week by Congress also extended the farm bill.

The eight-month extension keeps subsidies in place for dairy producers. It includes $30 million for a beginning farmer and rancher development program, and keeps direct payments.

U.S. Senator Mike Johanns of Nebraska says a five-year farm bill previously worked on by the Senate should be the foundation of a new package to help ag producers.  bill should be the foundation of a new package. “It was well-received by ag groups, I think it was a fair compromise by interests involved. I represent a different part of the country than other Senators on the ag committee, but we found a way to reach an agreement and get it done.”

Johanns says the U.S. House needs to do its part to pass a farm bill that both sides can agree on during a conferencing process.

The farm bill extension also includes discretionary funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and for disaster assistance programs, according to the Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Johanns’ comments came Thursday during his weekly conference call with Nebraska media.