Johanns Sends Amendments to Senate's Continuing Budget Resolution

Mar 18, 2013

Senator Mike Johanns

US Senator Mike Johanns recently co-sponsored two amendments to the Senate's Continuing Budget Resolution.

One would defund President Obama’s healthcare law. 

The other amendment would provide the administration some flexibility to make budget decisions that would help ensure federal employees stay on the job.

Senator Johanns said essential services do not need to be the first item on the chopping block and that’s why this amendment is so important.

"I’ve co-sponsored an amendment to provide the flexibility to the administration to ensure essential government services, such as meat inspection, continue, while responsible spending reductions are maintained.  Remember these cuts amount to about 3% reduction in federal spending which has grown by about 19% in the last four years.”

Senator Johanns’ comments came during his weekly conference call with Nebraska media.