Johanns tours flooded areas, calls on FEMA to expedite reimbursements

Omaha, NE – The Missouri River remains more than six feet above flood stage at Omaha.

U.S. Senator Mike Johanns toured flooded areas in Nebraska City and Omaha Saturday morning. Johanns says he's concerned about the limited access some
Nebraskans have to their homes and places of employment because of the flooding.

He says the Missouri River flood is also significantly impacting agriculture. "I always pay a significant amount of attention to the agricultural sector, and this has been a heavy hit. I mean, if you're anywhere near the river, you probably had beautiful crops a few weeks ago if you were able to plant. Now they're underwater and they're going to stay underwater, and this season is completely lost."

Johanns called on FEMA to quickly approve reimbursements to cities for their flood control efforts. Otherwise, he says it'll cause financial stress on many towns' budgets.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects Missouri River levels to remain well above flood stage in to next month.