Joslyn Art Museum's sculpture garden to open next spring

Omaha, NE – Construction on the second phase of the Joslyn Art Museum sculpture garden is underway. On Monday, workers began laying the foundation for water sculptures.

The sculpture garden will feature granite pathways, two flowing water features, outdoor art galleries, and a variety of sculptures from the 19th and 20th Centuries. Joslyn Art Museum Director J. Brooks Joyner says the garden will also be pedestrian friendly, with green space.

The sculpture garden is the third major project in the Museum's history. Joyner says it'll raise Joslyn's identity and bring its art out in to the community.

Construction on the sculpture garden's galleries is expected to be complete in late September or early October, although sculptures will continue to be added over the next three to four years. A grand opening of the sculpture garden will be held next spring.

In addition to the sculpture garden, the $10 million Joslyn campus redevelopment project includes a discovery garden, parking garden, and a Grand Plaza.