Joslyn Institute partners with Chinese company to help build sustainability programs

Feb 24, 2014

The Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities will partner with a private Chinese company to look at ways to aid the city of Guanghzhou with its pollution problems.

Pearl River Delta

W. Cecil Steward, President of the Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities, says the idea for this partnership began with a conversation he had with the dean of a university in China in November of 2012. 

Steward says the Joslyn Institute will work with the Sunborn Low-Carbon Energy Engineering Research Company, Ltd. in this effort.

"China is just entering a phase of new awareness on the need for more attention on the quality of their environment.  They’ve been so focused on economics that they’ve destroyed much of the environment with water and air pollution.  And just in general have not been good stewards of the environment in a natural sense.”

Steward says conservation-based decision-making, planning and measurement will be done with the aid of the EcoSTEP tool. 

He says STEP stands for social cultural, technologies, economics and public policies.  These are all areas that need to be considered in any environmental cleanup effort. 

Steward says the Joslyn Institute is excited to work with China on this venture.