Joslyn's Balcony Galleries Re-open

Dec 11, 2013

The Joslyn Art Museum recently reopened its balcony galleries of American Indian Art and Arts of Asia exhibitions.

Toby Jurovics, Chief Curator and Holland Curator of American Western Art, says he’d had his eye on reinterpreting the museum’s collection of American Indian Art since arriving here in winter 2010.

He says he wanted to present contemporary Indian artists in dialogue with their historical predecessors.

"Really show the vitality of this dialogue between contemporary artists who are looking to the older precedents and historical precedents but making work that is compelling and really speaks to contemporary issues as well.  So the balcony gallery engages that particular dialogue.”

Jurovics says in 2011, the Joslyn reinstalled the galleries of American Art in the Memorial Building.  He says next spring, the museum will reinstall its Contemporary Arts Galleries.