Jump For Joy-Duke Ellington's Celebratory Musical

Documetary airs Thursday night at 8:00pm

Omaha, Nebraska – KIOS celebrates Black History Month with a Duke Ellington documentary Thursday, Jump For Joy-Duke Ellington's Celebratory Musical.

Jump For Joy was an all-black musical revue featuring up- and- coming African American performers like Dorothy Dandridge and Big Joe Turner who spoke, sang, danced, and joked in rebellion against traditional representations of blacks in movies and musical theater.

The program features nearly all of the music that Ellington's Blanton-Webster Band recorded for the show including "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good". Guests include Ellington assistant and Jump For Joy scholar Patricia Willard, Ellington biographer John Edward Hasse and cultural historian Michael McGerr.

The program is written, produced, and narrated by David Brent Johnson at WFIU Indiana University.

The Documentary Jump For Joy-Duke Ellington's Celebratory Musical airs Thursday at 8:00PM on KIOS.