KANEKO Receives Multiple Monetary Gifts

Aug 13, 2012

KANEKO recently received three separate, anonymous gifts for one million dollars.

Robert Duncan, Chairman Emeritus for the KANEKO board, says the money will be used to continue with construction of the building.  He says the most recent gift will enable them to complete the center section of the building. 

Duncan says the goal at present is to complete the entire facility.  He says it will consist of two parts.  The first is the creativity center which is being constructed right now.

"An open space for your mind is what we call it.  And the second building will house Jun’s work.  Jun has been producing artwork for almost 50 years now and so he has a long legacy of beautiful pieces.  And it’s our goal that we have a space in Omaha, a collections building that will house that work into the future.”

The changes being made to KANEKO’s facility were designed by architect Mark Mack.  All construction is being coordinated with the 2012-2013 program schedule.