Karl Rove discusses the oil spill, 2010 election during Omaha visit

Omaha, NE – President George W. Bush's former Senior Advisor says future offshore drilling should happen, despite the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.

Karl Rove was in Omaha Friday for a Nebraska Republican Party event. During a media availability prior to the event, Rove criticized President Obama for "having no plan" to deal with the BP oil spill.

"The White House website has a page that is devoted to a meticulous statement of everything they've "done." I went through there. I couldn't find a single meeting that the President had with experts," Rove says. "Now I don't think a community organizer from Chicago is necessarily well-skilled in deep-sea oil exploration. It would seem to me to be customary, you know, I was there for seven years, it happened all the time, it was routine, bring in experts from the outside to give the President and his key advisors a fresh perspective on this."

The Associated Press reports that Democratic Senate leaders plan to send a letter to BP, requesting they set aside $20 billion for cleanup and damages. President Obama is scheduled to meet Wednesday with BP executives.

Rove also discussed the upcoming midterm elections. He believes Republicans will regain control of Congress, citing recent polls showing Republicans are gaining momentum.

Other polls project Democrats will pick up additional seats in the midterm election, according to Real Clear Politics. That site compiles poll results from many different media outlets and public policy groups.