Kerrey to Fischer: debate me on health care reform

Jul 5, 2012

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Bob Kerrey says he wants to debate his Republican opponent on the issue of health care.

Kerrey talked about health care during a news conference Thursday morning in Omaha. So far, Kerrey and State Senator Deb Fischer have only one debate set.

But Kerrey says he and Fischer need to debate the health care issue following last week’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. “A whole lot of Nebraskans are uninsured, a lot are concerned about the cost of health care, I haven’t talked to any business person, any individual, that hasn’t said the cost of health care is a big problem in their lives.”

Kerrey says any efforts to change or improve the law need to be bi-partisan, especially when lawmakers decide how to handle Medicare and Medicaid costs.           

In a statement, Fischer’s campaign says “Bob Kerrey is once again sidestepping his previous far-left positions on health care reform to convince Nebraskans he’s a moderate compromiser.”

Fischer campaign spokesman Daniel Keylin says Fischer supports market-based reforms, medical malpractice liability reform, and plans helping small businesses provide additional options for employees.