Kerrey: lack of action on new budget could lead to significant defense cuts

Sep 12, 2012

The Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate says America’s armed forces could face significant cuts if Congress doesn’t act on the budget after the November election.

Bob Kerrey’s comments came Tuesday following a speech in Omaha. Kerrey, a former Nebraska Governor and U.S. Senator, says the defense budget could be cut by $600 billion over the next ten years without Congressional action. "You can make the case that, gee, we’re overextended, but everywhere we are it’s apt to be more peaceful as a result of our presence. The past few deployments have made a huge difference. And I think a lot of that right now is at risk, as a consequence of us kicking a whole bunch of things down the road beyond the election having to do with the budget."

Kerrey says $60 billion in defense cuts every year for the next decade could lead to the closure of a U.S. Marine base. He believes it could also threaten the future of STRATCOM.

Kerrey’s opponent is State Senator Deb Fischer of Valentine. They’re seeking the Senate seat currently held by Ben Nelson.