Last Call CD Review: Dr Lonnie Smith / The Healer / Pilgrimage Productions

Sep 13, 2012

Dr Lonnie Smith's immense talent on the bandstand is documented on the new disc "The Healer", on the organist's new label, Pilgrimage Productions.  Never heard him in person? This is the next best thing. Capturing the spontaneity and style transcending appeal of this accomplished organist who just turned 70, Dr. Lonnie Smith is joined by his touring band of Jonathan Kreisberg on guitar and Jamire Williams on drums. The results are nothing less than mesmerizing, check out the high intensity "Beehive" for an essential electric jazz jam that reminds one of Miles Davis's "Bitches Brew". Also of interest is the gospel-infused "Pilgrimage" and the slow burner "Backtrack". This is a record not to miss--its an essential live recording. Dr Lonnie Smith has been a jazz organist active on the scene since the 1960s, playing with a "Who's Who" in jazz & touring and performing worldwide.  He converted to  Sikhism in the mid-1970s.  His website is