Last Call CD Review: Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet / Stellar Pulsations / Delmark

Nov 11, 2012

Cornetist Rob Mazurek is an artist with a seemingly limitless ability to create musical melodies and colors. Originally from Chicago, Mazurek now resides in São Paulo, Brazil. His reputation as a progressive artist has been documented on a series of brilliant recordings and performances. This writer attended a live performance by Mazurek some years ago at the Bemis Underground in Omaha, to say that it was a profound night of music only hints at the stellar, cosmic heights of music attained that evening.

Rob Mazurek's Pulsar Quartet explores a rich mix of shifting melodies and erupting anthems on the new recording "Stellar Pulsations".  The quartet, comprised of members of the acclaimed Exploding Star Orchestra, are Rob Mazurek, cornet; Angelica Sanchez, piano; Matthew Luz; bass guitar and John Herndon, drums. Seven new Mazurek compositions are explored by the quartet including the relentless opener, "Primitive Jupiter", the balladlike "Magic Saturn", and the turbulent " Spiritual Mars".  Last Call fans will relish each selection, performed with sincerity and passion by musicians who are accomplished jazz artists & who effectively mix freebop and impressionist music into a listening experience not to be missed.

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