Last Call CD Review:Oscar Utterstrom/Departure/ Independent Release

Aug 18, 2012

Get ready for the electric trombone artistry of Oscar Utterstrom. His latest recording, Departure, is one of the finest electric jazz recordings to be released in the last several years. Nashville based trombonist and native of Sweden, Utterstrom's conception is at the best of what can be achieved in an electric, post Bitches-Brew era.  The trombonist is joined by Black Cat Sylvester on turntables, Adam Agati on guitar, Russell Wright on bass, and Justin Amaral on drums with special guests including Hari Haran on vocals and Indian flute.  Extremely captivating tracks such as "Snow" and "Rain Part 1" are nicely contrasted by mellow ballad artistry on "Gratitude". There is also an touchingly beautiful solo performance by Utterstrom on organ on "Eternal Being(postlude)" which is celestial. For Last Call fans, this is one CD you don't want to miss.