Last Call Notes: May CD Reviews

May 19, 2013

Nicole Mitchell's Ice Crystal project is at the forefront of the discs we're featuring this month on the Last Call. Nicole Mitchell is a veteran, award-winning flutist. Mitchell's recordings have been featured regularly on the Last Call over the years and for good reason:  She knows how to mix cosmic music & swing into a very appealing presentation.  The present volume, Aquarius, is another success for the veteran flutist, who has brought Jason Adasiewicz on board for a compelling series of conversations.  Also on board are veteran improvisers Joshua Abrams (bass) and Frank Rosaly (drums) for a session that is worth adding to your record library.

From New York, saxophonist and educator Sean Nowell has gathered his exciting band of top instrumentalists in the studio for The Kung-Fu Masters. It's a knockout session that starts with a cover of "Crosstown Traffic" (written by guitar legend Jimi Hendrix) before going on to a series of energetic, accessible originals. Nowell is joined by first call players Brad Mason(trumpet), Michael Dease(trombone),  Art Hirahara(kKeyboards), Adam Klippe(organ and keyboards), Evan Marien (bass) and Marko Djurdjevic(drums) for a session that combines jazz and funk in a perfectly calculated thrust.

Stay tuned for more great new CDs every Saturday night on the Last Call!